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DigEcon: LIVE Virtual Talk Show
Entering the Digital Economy with a BANG!

This week DIGECON.LIVE is hosted by Ashton Addison from EventChain. Discussing entering the new digital economy for start-ups and what the future looks like after the shift from the COVID19 pandemic. Make sure to check his crypto new channel @CryptoCoinShow

The world as we know it has changed. The pandemic has accelerated a global transition into the digital economy.
*How can newbies get ready for this shift?
*What does the future look?
-Future of Work
-Future of Creation
-Future of Connection

Join the collective community of pioneers as together we become informed and prepare for the the new digital economy.

De-fy Tuesdays: Finance
Thirsty Thursdays: Entrepreneurship

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About the platform:

Give On LIVE! is a completely free resource gathering Livestream content. As pioneers in the digital space, hosts share their time, talent, and resources. Millions thrown into the digital economy now have an interactive #PandamicSurvivalGuide.
Different anchors will be leading panels, feel free to share specific announcements or topics you would like addressed.


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The COVID-19 world pandemic has changed life as we know it. With much of the world social distancing, we are called to distance, but not isolated. Let’s share our time and free resources. Do you have something positive to share or teach? Do you know an amazing Livestream that encourages you? Host a LIVE!Stream; Post your favorite LIVE! Join the #GetLIVE and #GiveLIVE Challenge

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