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Soy una Mujer muy intensa y alegre ……

Definitivo pienso que lo mas importante en la vida es la familia y las buenas amigas estar sana y llena de Amor……
No como de lo que la gente piense o hable de mi
Soy feliz como soy ……
Me encanta lo que hago ……reir llorar gritar bailar todooo hasta enojarme jajaja

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The COVID-19 world pandemic has changed life as we know it. With much of the world social distancing, we are called to distance, but not isolated. Let’s share our time and free resources. Do you have something positive to share or teach? Do you know an amazing Livestream that encourages you? Host a LIVE!Stream; Post your favorite LIVE! Join the #GetLIVE and #GiveLIVE Challenge

Thank you for contributing to the public calendar of free livestream. It’s important to keep our Mind, Body, and Soul replenished.


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