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Mr. Addison has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2013. As the CEO and Founder of EventChain, he pioneered the team through a successful raise in September of 2017. He also advises various other Blockchain companies globally including Syscoin and CoinPayments.net in Canada, Pundi X in Indonesia and SmartMesh in China. Together with EventChain and his associated blockchain projects he has helped raise over $50M cumulatively.

Ashton is a broadcaster on Reuters Insider Financial Network, focusing primarily on the Blockchain and FinTech industry. He founded the online FinTech and digital currency news broadcasting networks Crypto Coin Show, FinTech News Network, Blockchain Interviews, Blockchain top 5 and is considered a Key Opinion Leader in the Blockchain industry.

On May 26th DIGECON LIVE is hosted by Ashton Addison. Discussing entering the new digital economy for start-ups and what the future looks like after the shift from the COVID19 pandemic.

To Connect with Ashton:

Twitter @CryptoCoinShow @EventChain

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