The Give On LIVE! Mission is to CURATE immersive experiences and EMPOWER creators around the world. Our one-stop Public Livestream Library connects independent creators and audiences through live entertainment. It is a worldwide network opening up markets for artists that were previously unimaginable.

Give On LIVE! is a free resource; organizing the multitude of streaming content across media platforms. The platform brings together livestreamers & global citizens to watch and share on a global stage. Millions thrown into a virtual universe now have an interactive #PandemicSurvivalGuide. In a time we desperately need understanding and connection; We #UNITE through #LIVEstream #TogetherAtHome

From DJ sets and online concerts to workouts and info sessions… let’s gather the best resources and inspire our community. #GetLIVE & #GiveLIVE

Thank you for contributing to the public calendar for free LIVE! Streams
It’s important to keep our Mind, Body, and Soul replenished not isolated.
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As a crowdsourced project, we strive to bring positive value to the community and keep content positive and family friendly.

  1. 1. ENCOURAGE: Post resources with positive and informative content only.
  2. 2. SHARE: Share the mission and resource; Tag #GetLIVEGiveLIVE Challenge Share this form to help us grow the calendar resources. https://bit.ly/giveonlive
  3. 3. ENGAGE: Follow @GiveOnLive on Instagram/FB (Will will join onto your session and add screenshot to LIVE! Heroes Gallery
  4. 4. INVITE @GiveOnLive or another friend to your livestream for greater reach.

*We suggest you keep your LIVE! Stream Session from 45min to 1hr max.

*Please start each LIVE! with a summary of what will take place. Example: “First I’ll share top 5 times to staying mentally healthy during quarantine. The last 20 minutes I’ll open it up for questions.

***We ask that all submissions be completely free LIVE! Stream. Will will encourage those watching to give donations to show gratitude and support the mission.  Additional paid sessions can be promoted through your personal site. This is meant to be a collection of free resources for and by the community.



Our Mission

The COVID-19 world pandemic has changed life as we know it. With much of the world social distancing, we are called to distance, but not isolated. Let’s share our time and free resources. Do you have something positive to share or teach? Do you know an amazing Livestream that encourages you? Host a LIVE!Stream; Post your favorite LIVE! Join the #GetLIVE and #GiveLIVE Challenge

Thank you for contributing to the public calendar of free livestream. It’s important to keep our Mind, Body, and Soul replenished.


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